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I have given full and complete agreement with all relevant and complete information regarding the security measures and regulations regarding the tour or service I have contracted. Therefore, I decide to take part in this tour at my own risk and responsibility. For excursions involving the use of motorized and non-motorized vehicles: I am fully aware that this is an alcohol-free excursion due to the handling of the vehicle (including bicycles) and that the minimum age for driving motor vehicles is 16 years old. For excursions involving entry and swimming in the cenotes: Passengers suffering from asthma, heart problems, diabetes, epilepsy, or who are on medications such as antidepressants, lithium, beta-blockers and constricting base (vein) are not allowed to participate On this tour for safety reasons, it is the responsibility of the passenger to inform the staff if they have any of these diseases or if they are under any of the medicines mentioned above. In addition, for medium and high level excursions only: I am also fully aware that this excursion is not recommended for people with heart and / or respiratory problems and / or with injuries to the back or neck due to the high level of activity And pregnancies are not allowed for safety reasons. Therefore, I agree that Aquamaya Tours & Adventures agency, contractors and / or local tour operators are free from liability for any injury or loss to me, whether physical or otherwise as a result of my direct participation or Indirectly on this excursion, I also assume full responsibility for any loss or damage to vehicles or property due to improper use or negligence on my part. For excursions with visits to archaeological sites: I understand that at the time of climbing or climbing the archaeological sites of Ek Balam or Kinich kakmo I do so at my own risk and I will NOT keep Aquamaya Tours & Adventures as responsible if any incident occurs to me. This excursion or activity may involve certain inherent risks including death and personal injury, and this has not been stipulated in the statements of a ticket seller and the agency Aquamaya Tours & Adventures is not responsible, nor has any control over the actual operation of The excursion or activity in consideration to participate in this excursion or activity, I hereby irrevocably and permanently release any and all claims of any kind and nature, including but not limited to claims for personal injury, death, Loss, damage or delay against Aquamaya Tours & Adventures involved during my trip and the sale of tickets for this excursion or activity. I and everyone in my group meets the requirements regarding age and / or health restrictions in order to participate in this excursion or activity.

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